Newborn babies photoshoot



Why ?

You will want to remember those moments forever. Meet Sarah, our specialized new born photographer, who will give you the most beautiful pictures of your baby.

How is the session going on?

Our talented Newborn studio photographer Sarah who is also studio manager will welcome you in the studio, where the magic happens. Check-out our New Born babies pricing and package page for more informations

What do you need to do/bring ?

Newborn sessions are best held in 3-14 days after birth, when they have that beautiful curled up look. Booking your session during 7 or 8 months pregnancy and get in touch asap after the birth to arrange your session.

Please allow at least 3-4 hours for the session. Sarah will provide you newborn proms & accessories. If you are looking for a newborn baby photographer in Surrey, Kent, West Sussex, Corydon or South London, Sarah will be your the best choice who delivers the most beautiful newborn baby photographs you can treasure.

Contact us 01883 346 836 Or Text Sarah 07860579669 or Drop us a message We shall reply you within One Hour.