Make-up Photoshoot


Why Makeup Photoshoot with Caterham Photography?

Whether you wish to create a modeling portfolio or whether you just want to feel like a star for a day, our make-up photographers are here to make it happen. Our experienced team will guide you through your make-up photoshoot to bring out the best of you. 

What to expect from the photo session?

Once you arrive at the studio, meet our make-up photographer to talk about your expectations or specific needs. If you don’t really have any posing ideas, don’t worry. Our make-up photographer will give you lots of tips and advices. It is also their job to make you feel as much comfortable as possible.

What do you need to do/bring ?

The studio does not provide the clothing. Depending on your package, you may need 3 outfits or more. However, we recommend you bring as many outfits as you want, so our make-up photographer can help you choosing which one fits you best. We also recommend to avoid sleeveless tops or dresses. Our main advice : have fun !