One to One Camera Training Session

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Unlock the potential of your DSLR Camera with our comprehensive One to One Camera Training Session. This hands-on experience is designed to elevate your photography skills and understanding of your equipment, whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your techniques.


What's Included in the Session:


  • DSLR Camera Functions and Settings Tour: Dive deep into your camera's functions and settings. Learn about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, and how they interrelate to affect your photographs.

  • Natural vs. Studio Lighting: Understand the distinct differences between natural and studio lighting and how each can impact your images.

  • Shutter Speed Mastery: Discover how shutter speed affects exposure time and learn how to adjust it to minimize camera shake and blur in your photos.

  • Depth of Field Control: Explore how aperture not only affects light intake but primarily controls depth of field. We'll show you techniques to achieve the desired focus in your images.

  • Adjust ISO for Perfect Exposure: Grasp the importance of ISO settings and how to manipulate it for the best exposure and image quality.

  • White Balance Understanding: Learn about color temperature and how to adjust white balance to ensure your photos have the correct hue and mood.

  • SLR Shooting Modes: Become proficient in various shooting modes including Manual Mode (M), Aperture Priority Mode (AV/A), Shutter Priority Mode (TV/S), and Program Mode (P).

  • Composition Techniques: Elevate your photographs from good to great. We'll guide you through the principles of composition to create visually compelling images.

  • Directing Your Subjects: Gain insights into editorial photography and learn how to direct models or subjects for professional or personal photography.


Price: £99

This session is not just about learning; it's about understanding and applying knowledge to create stunning, impactful photographs. You'll leave with a deep understanding of your DSLR camera and the skills to confidently capture the world around you. Ready to take your photography to the next level? Book your One to One Camera Training Session today!