Digital Camera Evening Class


Get to know your Camera

Starting a tour of the functions and settings available on your camera. Knowing shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO and their relations.


Shutter Speed

Shutter speed determines the amount of time digital sensor is exposed to the light. We take pictures and wondered why there is blurred movement in the shot. You will need to understand the settings for the shutter-speed to minimise camera shake and blurry images.


Aperture Mood

Many photographers use the aperture to influence how much light is getting into the lens. However that is just a by-product of its actual function, which is to give, you control over your depth-of-field, but we’ll show you how.


Adjust ISO 

ISO is the significant variable that can affect exposure. Understanding the ISO is very important to achieving the best results.


Shooting Modes from your Camera

Manual Mode (M); Aperture Priority Mode (AV) or (A); Shutter Priority Mode (TV) or (S); Program Mode (P)

About histograms and Exposure


Shooting Option

Selecting A Resolution; Shooting in the Dark; Using Flash; Auto focus



What makes a good photo a great photo? Now you no longer have to wonder, as you will be shown the best techniques for composing a truly inspiring image.


How to Direct your Subjects

Editorial photography usually consists of models in a variety of poses. Find out how to direct your subjects to create the perfect picture either for professional or personal purposes.


Trouble Shooting And Questions


Price: £49 Per person